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Estudio Sonido Málaga

Welcome in Estudio Risueña!

Who does not want to record music or a podcast under the Spanish sun. We can cater this all and more in our Estudio Risueña, located in one of the most popular cities of Andalucía, Málaga.

We are  Annemarie de Jong and Paul Weijenberg and we have built a fully equipped studio in our home in the fishing district of El Palo, about a 15-minute walk from the beach with its delicious fish restaurants. Many things are possible, we took our experience from Amsterdam and put it into practice here in Málaga.

In 2010 when we arrived in Málaga for the first time, the city was at the start of a major make over.
Muelle Uno, the port area, was developed, new museums were opened and the city became increasingly attractive in terms of food. In addition to simple tapas bars, you can now visit Michelin Star worthy restaurants

R E C O R D I N G  S T U D I O 

In the studio you’ll have a unique collection of instruments at your disposal. A Kawai 2.10 meter grand piano, a Fender Rhodes MKII piano, a Hammond organ with Leslie, a Tama Rock Star Pro drum kit, various Fender and Hartke guitar amps and of course the necessary synthesizers…


Food & Beverage

In Málaga you can eat out for half the money that you are used to in the rest of Europe. Here you will find our recommendations from tapas to haute cuisine…


In addition to a number of well-known, Málaga has quite a few lesser-known museums that are definitely worth a visit. Look here for an overview…


Andalusia is known for its phenomenal but often expensive golf courses. In our immediate vicinity there are a few very affordable, only a 5 minute drive…

Every Picture tells a Story


After my education at the School for Journalism, I worked for many radio and TV stations in the Netherlands…


In 1979 I started my career as a sound engineer for Dutch Public Radio NOS and in 1985 I started my own company…