S T U D I O  F A C I L I T I E S

The lower floor of our house in Málaga, El Palo, houses a semi professional music studio. In an air-conditioned environment, you can record your music here with sea view and an adjacent swimming pool in an extremely relaxed manner. The studio consists of 3 separate rooms, the control room, the keyboard/vocal studio and the percussion studio/bodega. You have a pleasant amount of keyboards, synthesizers, guitar amps and percussion at your disposal as standard.

Of course we do multitrack sessions, also with a complete band in one take. There is an extensive personal monitor system, so  every musician can make his own monitor mix on the headphones. All rooms are acoustically treated.

The heart of the studio is a 32 channel Presonus Studio Live 32S mixer. Monitoring by means of Genelec S30 monitors with a subwoofer. Tannoy Reveal 402 monitors and a mono JBL as alternative speakers.

The keyboard studio has super dry acoustics. The space is therefore also particularly suitable for singing vocal parts, recording voice-overs with images and recording podcasts.

The Grand Piano is a Kawai GS50 of 2.10 meters and has a modern poppy intonation. I bought the piano new in 1983 at Koot Pianos in Haarlem, in the Netherlands and it has been played by many famous pianists for the past 35 years.

The percussion is in an acoustically separated room. It is a 5 piece Tama Rockstar Pro with Zildijan cymbals that I bought in 1988. The kit was tuned by the legendary session drummer Tobias Ponsioen, who also happens to be my cousin.

If live drumming is not your thing, we also have Superior Drummer 3, a software drummer that is always on/in time.

Record, mix or edit with a sea view, come and check it out. And if you’r bored (with the view), you just dive into the pool.

In case of lack of creative inspiration…

The studio occupies the entire ground floor of our house in Miraflores del Palo and is approximately 100m2 in total.

The sound studio consists of 3 rooms, a control room with sea and pool view, a keyboard studio and a drum studio. All rooms have natural light, airconditioning and are acoustically separated from each other.

The Bodega. (wine cellar/drum booth)

Especially for  recording the radio shows for 40ROCKradio.nl there is also a classic analog DJ set in the control room.

In addition to the Dateq GPM8i mixer are 2 Sony CD decks, a jingle pad and the Djay Pro software.

In my first band in 1969 I played on a Dutch Philicorda organ. The guitarists father had a Hammond L100 and when his parents were on vacation we rehearsed in their living room where the organ was.

It was not until 1989 that I bought this 1965 Hammond together with a Leslie 147. The Hammond L100 is the model with which Keith Emmerson from Emmerson, Lake & Palmer and The Nice created his iconic sound.

I bought this Philicorda organ in 1969 when I was 14 and played in the Dutch band Distant Smile. It took years before I paid off the 1400 guilders that it cost. I only succeeded when I discovered that DJing made more money than making music. It also took me quite a bit of effort to get the dream organ sound from this Philips design wonder without Leslie box. Nowadays the sound is completely hip again. (without Leslie!)

This is the 1982 Rhodes MKll electric piano with 77 keys. Less iconic than the Fender Rhodes MKl with the round top, but the playing action is a lot better than its predecessors. And because of its flat top you can put another keyboard on top.

We have some nice synthesizers like a Behringer Deepmind 12, a Model D and a vintage Roland JX8P (bought myself in 1985). But also an M-AUDIO Keystation 88 MK3 to play all those vintage synth emulations with.

Very important when recording live music is good personal monitoring. You have 6 Presonus Earmixers at your disposal to create a personal headphone mix for every musician.

The Earmix has a built-in mixer with 16 channels and you can choose from professional AKG, Meze and Beyer headphones.

Check out our headphone drawer.

Tube microphone to record juicy vocals.

Check out our microphone drawer.

AKG 214 microphones always do well in the grand piano.

Ribbon microphones, great for recording drums and guitar amps.

AKG C451 in XY arrangement for the ambiance.


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